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I cannot currently login to update the NoUn Buttons page on AMO...cuz Mozilla decided to screw with AMO login, by switching to Firefox Accounts.

I know what I need to do to restore my login, but meh, I can't be bothered right now. Check here for updates!...not AMO!

I wanted to thank Weboh for the recent review Needs update to allow holding a button to show history...I wish I could login & reply to it, but just know: I saw it & I will reply as soon as I can login.

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    Weboh wrote...
    However, there's a glaring issue with this theme: It's back/forward don't show history by holding the button--you have to use the "dropmarkers" or right-click.
    ...actually, that was by design: I hated the "click & hold" showing the menu, so I deliberately disabled it...I prefer using right-click...but of course I always intended that to be a pref, so people could re-enable you know, tho, I haven't implemented that "click & hold" pref. I could probably spin up a version of NoUn Buttons with that click & hold re-enabled a temporary workaround for not having the pref.
Fri, Oct 21, 2016 --- 10/21/16, 3:19:19pm

I'm still planning on updating/supporting NoUn Buttons — however, that support may only be for Pale Moon.

I do not use Firefox >= 29 & I have no plans on EVER using any version of Firefox based on that HORRIBLE Australis UI...I might look into it & try to see if I can easily make NoUn Buttons compatible with newer versions of Firefox, but probably not. Mozilla is ripping out customization left & right...& removing support for XUL addons entirely! :-( NoUn Buttons is an XUL addon. WebExtensions might be cool n all, but I don't think they can do what NoUn Buttons does. Fuck Mozilla. Fuck Firefox. Long live Pale Moon? (although, I'm not too happy with Pale Moon's dev either, he is choosing to not implement some things from newer Firefox, that I DO WANT — for example, I think he's not implementing Electrolysis {e10s}...which is a shame, cuz putting each thing in its own process is a good idea {so a crash in 1 thing doesn't take down everything})

I strongly suggest you move over to Pale Moon now!...I'm still using Firefox 28 for daily browsing, but I'm planning on using/testing Pale Moon 27 once it's final.


Please always use this URL...
...for updated info about NoUn Buttons...even if it displays an error msg, remember this URL & keep checking it for new info.

...but in case I lose access to this URL, just Google it to try to find any new URL NoUn Buttons might end up with.

Here are some Google Searches to help find NoUn Buttons if this URL goes dark...