Buggy-Mouse.ahk — Fix a buggy mouse.
Updated: Thu, Nov 1, 2012 --- 11/1/12, 10:19:19am EDT
Stop it from double-clicking when you try to single-click.
Nope, it hasn't been updated in a while, but it still works fine!
Note: DO NOT paste Buggy-Mouse.ahk into ANY other script
OK, so there's been a whole lotta trouble with people not being able to get to this script. YouTube being a dumbass & all.

I wanna clear up a few things...
  • The correct URL for this script is... ...an acceptable alternative (& where the above redirects to) is... ...any other URL is WRONG & should not be used or encouraged.

    Note that I deliberately made the end of the URL be "Buggy-Mouse", not "Buggy-Mouse.ahk"...the ".ahk" on the end isn't incorrect (per se), but it takes you directly to the script, instead of to this info page. I only want incoming links to this info page.

    Now, this info page hasn't always existed, but I always planned on making it...& now I have.

    So, please ONLY link with those URLs —— & if you have already made a YouTube comment with the wrong URL, update it now! (note that YouTube will still munge it, but at least have the correct URL for YouTube to munge!)

  • You should NOT paste Buggy-Mouse.ahk into ANY other script. Some of the instructions on YouTube are wrong. Buggy-Mouse.ahk should always be "Saved" aka "Downloaded" & remain intact, no copy/pasting around. Specifically, do NOT: run AutoHotkey, say Yes to creating a script & then paste Buggy-Mouse.ahk into that script. NO NO NO. Follow the instructions that I've just created on this page to get Buggy-Mouse.ahk
How to use Buggy-Mouse.ahk...
  1. Make sure AutoHotkey is installed (main AutoHotkey download page) — or skip all these steps & Download the compiled Buggy-Mouse.exe!
  2. Click the Download Script link above (or here, that works too!)
  3. On some browsers the file may automatically start downloading to a random folder (the "Downloads" folder), I find this highly irritating, so I configure my browser to ASK me where I wanna save files, you should too.

    Anyway, if your browser is PROPERLY configured to ASK you where you wanna save files, continue...

    1. If you get a question like: "What should <the-browser> do with this file?", then make sure Save File is selected & click OK
    2. In the Save dialog ("Enter name of file to save to..."), Browse for somewhere to save the file...for example...


    3. Make sure the filename is still
    4. Click Save

  4. Minimize this browser window & Find the file you downloaded
  5. Double-click the Buggy-Mouse.ahk file to run it!
...now Buggy Mouse is running. What next? Nothing. It's running. Use your mouse like normal & enjoy no extra double-clicking! There is an icon in the systray, if you wanna poke around (not much to do in it tho)

Wait! It's not running or I got an error msg!
    If you got an error msg when you double-clicked Buggy-Mouse.ahk, then you need to make sure you installed AutoHotkey (& allowed it to associate with .ahk files). If you have & that's not the problem, then I don't know what to tell you, cuz unfortunately, I don't have a Feedback Form yet, so I can't ask you to tell me the error msg.

    So, in this case, your only option is to download the already-compiled version, Buggy-Mouse.exe or perhaps ask in the AutoHotkey Support Forum (I, JSLover, am not active on that support forum yet).